MeshNetwork of PortaPack is not yet tested. The basic idea of MeshNetwork implimented by HiveNetowrk? is base on LinkStat?, so called olsr; stands for optimized link-state routing. The problem of LinkStat? routing protocol is traffic of information of link and complex computation on nodes. But, it is provoide more optimized routing than another class type of routing, called DistanceVector?.

LinkStat? is base on propagating information of every link all over the network. In a network with complex topology, information of links is huge. In dedicated network, address is arranged to easily aggregate on edge nodes of backbone to reduce amount of information, but it is not realistic for an AdHocNetowrk?. AdHocNetwork? is supposed to highly dynamic, topology is changed time to time. So, I am very wounder performance of olsr with large number of node.

A most famous LinkStat? routing protocol is called OSPF, and RIP is a famous DistanceVectorrouting? protocol. Nevertheless, it is too eary to judge olsr. We need to hold a expr. for olsr to gather more information.